Mapping out an Islamic Bioethics: an Intensive Workshop

Mapping out an Islamic Bioethics: an Intensive Workshop - Aug 1st-3rd 2014

Hosted by the Initiative on Islam & Medicine within the Program on Medicine and Religion and the Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago, and co-sponsored by the American Islamic College, the 3-day workshop provides an in-depth introduction to the field of Islamic bioethics and will cover key concepts within Islamic theology, law and ethical frameworks as they relate to bioethics. In addition the participant will gain practical skills and tools that enable them to read Islamic bioethics literature and engage in moral reasoning about clinical ethics cases.  Allied health professionals, academic researchers, bioethicists, chaplains, Imams and policy makers all will leave equipped with an enhanced literacy in Islamic bioethics. 

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Registration & Credit Hours

Register Here. This activity is approved for 15 Continuing Medical Education hours by APPNA. For more information, including learning objectives, please visit the APPNA CME event page.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Conduct a conceptual review of the actors and producers of Islamic bioethics discourse
  • Introduce the theological and ethico-legal frameworks of the Islamic moral tradition and how they are brought to bear in constructing the field of Islamic bioethics
  • Describe approaches to carrying out Islamic bioethics-related research and the limitations of particular methods and relevant source-materials
  Friday 8/1 Saturday 8/2 Sunday 8/3
9-10:45am Course Introduction
The Actors and Material of Islamic Bioethics – Padela
Islamic Ethics- From Fiqh to Tasawwuf- Eido
A Foot in Both Worlds: Navigating between a Muslim Healing Ethos and Conventional Clinical Ethics – Klima
  Break [10:45-11:00] Break [10:30-10:45] Break [10:30-10:45]
11am-12:30pm What is “Islamic” Bioethics? – A Theological Introduction –Padela The Tools of the Islamic Ethico-Legal Tradition (Usul) – Qureshi Researching and Reading Islamic Bioethics: Approaches & Limitations [10:45-11:45]

Course Feedback [11:45-12:30] Padela
12:30-1:45pm Networking/Jummah Lunch Provided Networking/Break Lunch Provided [12:30-1:30]
2-3:15pm The Many Methods of Medical Ethics- Sulmasy Lived Experiences of Muslim Bioethics in Muslim Societies: Mireshghi & Khitamy [1:30-2:30]  
  Break [3:15-3:30] Break [2:30-2:50]  
3:30-5pm Case Study: Physician Attitudes, Philosophical Quandaries & Legal Rules Surrounding Brain Death – Padela & Qazi Islamic Ethics- Doctrinal Considerations for a Philosophy of Medicine- Kholwadia [2:50-4:00]  


Allied healthcare professionals and trainees, chaplains, religious leaders, ethics professionals, scholars and researchers all interested in the intersection of Islam, bioethics and biomedicine


  • Course Director: Aasim I. Padela MD MSc- Director, the Initiative on Islam & Medicine; Assistant Professor of Medicine, and Faculty of the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, The University of Chicago
  • Daniel Sulmasy MD PhD- Director, Program on Medicine and Religion, Associate Director, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, Professor of Medicine and the Divinity School, The University of Chicago
  • Faisal Qazi DO- Assistant Professor of Neurology, Western University of the Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Islamic Bioethics, Bayan College, Claremont Lincoln University
  • Issam Eido PhD- Visiting Instructor of Islamic Studies and Arabic, the University of Chicago Divinity School
  • Jawad Qureshi MS- Instructor of Arabic, American Islamic College; PhD Candidate the University of Chicago Divinity School
  • Elham Miresghi PhD candidate- Department of Anthropology, University of California, Irvine
  • Ahmed Khitamy MD- Secretary, National Committee for Bioethics, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
  • Mohammad Amin Kholwadia- Director, Darul Qasim Islamic Institute
  • Katherine Klima DNP - Former Ethics Fellow,  Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics; Former Doctoral Research Trainee, Initiative on Islam and Medicine


The University of Chicago Law School - Classroom 5
1111 East 60th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637