Conversations on Islam and the Human Sciences


This project is funded by the Templeton Religion Trust and is a collaboration between the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford and the Initiative on Islam and Medicine at the University of Chicago. The overall aim of this project is to fill a major lacuna within academic discourse on the scholastic traditions of Islam and the human sciences. Truly, the core challenges for the Islamic tradition as it engages the human sciences emerge from competing ontological visions, epistemic frameworks, and theologies of life and living. Within this broad area of scholarship, we will be focusing on the relationships between Islamic theology and metaphysics on the one hand, and biomedicine on the other; and how theological and metaphysical constructs within Islam interface with the science and practice of medicine. Additionally, our outputs will address the question of integration: how might scientific knowledge inform, and work with, the various Muslim theologies on the nature of being and life. By bringing together theologians, medical practitioners and intellectual historians, the project seeks to initiate conversations about these challenges and provide resources for dedicated research at these intersections. 

Activities and Outputs



Islam and Biomedicine Seminar Series at Oxford Center for Islamic Studies



Retreat and Multidisciplinary Symposium at University of Chicago


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Production of a scholarly volume Edited Book