Panel 3: The Soul: Neuroscientific Findings & Metaphysical Realities

Moderated by Aasim I. Padela, MD, MSc

"Correlating the presence of the soul with specific human anatomy/physiology via a systematic analysis of definitions of death" 

Noam Stadlan, MD (Raed Abusuwwa, DO spoke in his stead)
Neurosurgeon, Northshore University Health System, Chicago, IL


"Implications of Clinical Use of Advanced NeuroImaging on the Discourse Concerning the Soul"

Macksood Aftab, DO, MHA, ALM (Aamna Sajid spoke in his stead)
Section Chief, Neuroradiology, Genesys Regional Medical Center, Michigan
Assistant Clinical Professor, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, Central Michigan University College of Medicine


"Neuroscientific Theory of Consciousness"

Faisal Qazi, DO
Associate Professor of Neurology, Western University of Health Science, College of Osteopathic Medicine President, Medical Network Devoted to Service (MiNDS)


"Classical Muslim Conceptions of Conscious Soul and their Potential Implications for Biomedicine"

Shaykh Jihad Hashim Brown
Director, Research, Tabah Foundation, Abu Dhabi, UAE


"From Spirit (Ruh) to Soul (Nafs), and Beyond"

Sirajul Husain, PhD
Research Director, Interdisciplinary Research and Development Council


Q&A Session