Panel 5: Researching Muslim/Islamic Bioethics

Moderated by Faisal Qazi, DO

"Shiite Perspective on the Relation between Islamic Jurisprudence and Bioethics"

Kiarash Aramesh, MD, PhD(c)
Associate Professor, Tehran University
Graduate Assistant, Center for Healthcare Ethics, Duquesne University


"The Role of Forensic Psychology in Islamic Law: Exploring Judicial Reasoning and Ancient Practices"

Hooman Keshavarzi, MA, PsyD
Director/Therapist, Khalil Center, Chicago, IL
Research Fellow, Institute of Social Policy and Understanding, Global Health Center
Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Argosy University


"What is the Moral Universe of the Muslim Researcher?"

Mehrunisha Suleman, BMBCh, MA, BA, MSc
PhD Student, Research Ethics, Oxford University's Ethox Center


"Dying with a Clear Mind: Palliative Sedation and Strong Analgesics in End-of-Life Care Among Dutch Moroccan Patients in the Netherlands"

Roukayya Oueslati, MSc, MA
Lecturer and Researcher, Leiden University


"Promoting Creation in Indonesia: Assisted Reproduction in an Islamic Culture"

Taylor E. Purvis, BA
First-year Medical Student, John Hopkins School of Medicine


Q&A Session