Abraham M Nussbaum

Faculty Scholar

Dr. Abraham M. Nussbaum directs the adult inpatient psychiatric service at Denver Health, an academic safety-net hospital in Denver, Colorado, and is an assistant professor at the University of Colorado.

He supervises students and residents while working with persons with mental illness.

Dr. Nussbaum completed his undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College, where he studied religion and English literature. He completed medical school and psychiatry training at the University of North Carolina, along with a master’s of theological studies at Duke Divinity School. His research interests include the history of psychiatry, medical professionalism, psychiatric diagnosis, and the treatment of people with schizophrenia. He is currently co-organizing a conference on the care of persons with mental illness by Christian communities.

As a faculty scholar, Dr. Nussbaum addressed how healthcare reform is transforming the relationships between physicians and patients. Using personal narratives as well as history, literature, philosophy, and theology, he showed how hospitals that once were described as poorhouses are now described as factories. Physicians, once described as craftsmen, are now described as technicians, and patients are described as inanimate objects. In addition to several academic articles, his faculty scholar project resulted in The Finest Traditions of My Calling: One Physician’s Search for the Renewal of Medicine, a memoir available from Yale University Press.