Caring for Body & Soul: A Workshop on Women’s Health

Workshop Structure

  • 2 half-day sessions held at Muslim Education Center and Orland Park Prayer Center
  • Utilized peer-educators and guest lecturers, including a religious scholar and female physician,  to deliver didactics and facilitated discussion sessions
  • Topics included: Breast cancer, Mammography screening guidelines, Religion and health, Resources and access for breast cancer screening

Methods for Addressing Barrier Beliefs: The 3R Model

  • Reframe: “switch train tracks”
    • Keep the belief intact but change the way one thinks about it so it is consonant with the desired health behavior  
    • Normalizes the barrier belief
  • Reprioritize: “show them a better train”
    • Introduce a new belief and create higher valence for it than the barrier belief
    • Normalization of the barrier belief is optional
  • Reform: “breakdown the train carriage”
    • Negate the barrier belief by demonstrating its faults by appealing to authority structures



Of the 58 participants in workshop:

  • 29/58 participants had NEVER had a mammogram
  • 27/58 participants had NOT had mammogram in the past 2 years. 

Within 1 year after this workshop:

  • 22 participants (38%) had received  a mammogram within one year of the classes