About our Partners

About our Partners

The Initiative on Islam and Medicine at the University of Chicago

The II&M partners with the Muslim community to examine how Islam impacts Muslim health behaviors and healthcare decisions. Working with healthcare stakeholders, these data are used to develop evidence-based and culturally-tailored interventions in mosque communities and hospitals.

The II&M brings seminary-trained Islamic scholars, academicians, and social and medical scientists together to discuss the relationships between Islam and biomedicine and to produce Islamic bioethics resources. 

Worry Free Community

Worry Free Community's mission is to build competency at the individual level, channelize the wealth of experiences at the organizational level and align available resources at the community level to bring about the much needed socio-economic changes to our country.    

At WFC, people receive guidance and services at both personal and professional level. Through one-on-one counseling, on case by case basis, our volunteers and staff help folks to understand their challenges at hand and design optimum solutions striking a balance between individuals' capabilities and available resources.  Most popular training programs include Community Health Worker, Health Educator, & Community Service Volunteer.

Whitestone Foundation

Whitestone Foundation is a community building organization that seeks to cultivate ideas and solutions to produce exemplary communities. Whitestone Foundation is committed to enriching the Muslim community by providing models of excellence, strategic direction, and grants that transform community aspirations into reality. 

UMMA Community Clinic

UMMA Community Clinic’s mission is to promote the well-being of the underserved by providing access to high-quality healthcare for all, regardless of ability to pay.

Our services, activities and governance reflect the Islamic values and moral principles which inspired our founders. These include the core values which are universally shared and revered by society at large: Service, Compassion, Human Dignity, Social Justice, and Ethical Conduct.