Dissecting the Ethics of Organ Donation: One-Day Intensive Videos

An Introduction to Islamic Bioethical Discourse: Key Concepts and Actors - Dr. Aasim I. Padela

Living Organ Donation

Biomedical Aspects of Living Organ Donation: Terminology, Procedures, and Data - Dr. Milda Saunders Ethical Issues in Living Liver Donation - Dr. Talia Baker                                                                                    An Overview of Islamic Juridical Views on the Ethics of Organ Donation - Dr. Aasim I. Padela                  

Muslim Debates on Organ Donation

Controversies, Concepts, and Questions in the Organ Donation Debate amongst Islamic Scholars
Shaykh Amin Kholwadia and Shaykh Zulfiqar Ali Shah
Moderator: Dr. Rosie Duivenbode

Kidney Transplantation in Iran and the Moral Economy of Paid Living Unrelated Donation - Dr. Elham Mireshghi  Research Project: Informing American Muslims on Organ Donation - Dr. Rosie Duivenbode                                 

Deceased Organ Donation

Human Dignity in the Organ Donation Debate - Dr. Rafaqat Rashid                                                                      Probing the Boundaries of Death: Juridical Rulings on "Brain Death" and Liminal States - Dr. Aasim Padela

Controversies, Concepts, and Questions Regarding “Islamic” Definitions of Death
Shaykh Amin Kholwadia and Dr. Rafaqat Rashid
Moderator: Dr. Aasim I. Padela