Multidisciplinary Symposium on Islam & Biomedicine Videos

Welcome - Dr. Aasim I. Padela

Panel 1: Medical Knowledge and Concepts of Health in Medieval Islamic History
Interlocutor: Prof. Abdulaziz Sachedina

Medical Epistemology in Arabic Discourse: From Greek Sources to the Arabic Commentary Tradition - Prof. Peter Pormann The Piety of Health: The Making of Health in Islamic Religious Narratives - Prof. Ahmed Ragab                                                

Panel 2: The Interfaces Between Biomedical Knowledge and Islamic Epistemology
Interlocutor: Dr. Michael Murray

Interface Between Law & Science: Legal Construction of Science in Light of Islamic Bioethical Discourses on Genetic & Reproductive Technologies - Prof. Ayman Shabana Biomedicine at the Intersection of Islamic Theology, Law, & Spirituality: Defining Life & Humanity - Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed                                                                            Biomedical Constructions of Maṣlaa (Public Good/ Human Interest) and Ḍarūra (Dire Necessity)  - Dr. Aasim Padela                                                                                           

Keynote: A Ghazalian Approach to Integrating Science and Theology - Prof. Afifi al-Akiti

Panel 3: The Soul, the Psyche, and the Reality of Death: Bridging Philosophy, Theology, and the Lived Tradition
Interlocutor: Prof. Omar Qureshi

Muslim values and End of Life Healthcare Decision-Making: Values, Norms & Ontologies in Conflict - Dr. Mehrunisha Suleman At the Meeting of the Two Seas: Towards an Islamic Conception of Mental Illness & Wellbeing, Vice & Virtue - Dr. Asim Yusuf Intersections between Science, Philosophy, and Sunni Discourse on Death - Dr. Rafaqat Rashid                                                 

Keynote: Reconsidering the Religion vs. Science Debate through the Lens of Islamic Theologians and Medical Scientists - Prof. Omar Qureshi