Reading List

  1. Chaplaincy Services for Muslim Patients in New York City Hospitals: Assessing Needs, Barriers, and the Role of Muslim Chaplains by Wahiba Abu-Ras
  2. Ethics, tradition, authority: Toward an anthropology of the fatwa by Hussein Ali Agrama
  3. A Defense of the Common Morality by Tom L. Beauchamp
  4. Brain death revisited: it is not ‘complete death’ according to Islamic sources by Ahmet Bedir & Sahin Aksoy
  5. How the Distinction between "Irreversible" and "Permanent" Illuminates Circulatory-Respiratory Death Determination by James L. Bernat
  6. A Health Care Provider's Guide to Islamic Religious Practices by Council on American-Islamic Relations
  7. Determining Brain Death: Back to the Basics by Joseph Drazkowski
  8. Islamic Jurisprudence and the End of Human Life by Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim
  9. Moral Obligation in Classical Muslim Theology by Richard M. Frank
  10. The Study of Religion and the Training of Muslim Clergy in Europe: Academic and Religious Freedom in the 21st Century edited by Willem B. Drees & Pieter Sjoerd van Koningsveld
  11. Islam, Fatalism, and Medical Intervention: Lessons from Egypt on the Cultivation of Forbearance (Sabr) and Reliance on God (Tawakkul) by Sherine F. Hamdy
  12. The Medical Definition of Death [a release from The Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences]
  13. Ethical Versus Medical Values According to Contemporary Islamic Law by Birgit Krawietz
  14. Persons and Death: What's Metaphysically Wrong with our Current Statutory Definition of Death? by John P. Lizza
  15. Languages of Change in Islamic Law: Redefining Death in Modernity by Ebrahim Moosa
  16. Islamic Medical Ethics: A Primer by Aasim I. Padela
  17. Medical Experts & Islamic Scholars Deliberating over Brain Death: Gaps in the Applied Islamic Bioethics Discourse by Aasim I. Padella, Hasan Shanawani, and Ahsan Arozulla
  18. Religious Perspectives in Bioethics by John F. Peppin, Mark J. Cherry, and Ana Iltis
  19. Islam and End-of-Life Practices in Organ Donation for Transplantation: New Questions and Serious Sociocultural Consequences by Mohamed Y. Rady, Joseph L. Verheijde, and Muna S. Ali
  20.  Islamic Law as Islamic Ethics by A. Kevin Reinhart
  21. Ethics by Steffen A.J. Stelzer