Health-Focused Sermons

Sermon Structure

  • 3 Sermons:
    • 2 at Muslim Education Center (MEC)
    • 1 at Orland Park Prayer Center (OPPC)
  • Sermons communicated four health-related themes:
    • Good health is a grant from Allah
    • One’s body is trust and must be cared for
    • Trusting in God’s plan does not preclude taking actions to care for oneself
    • Community members are caretakers of one another


  • Self-administered, post-sermon questionnaires asked attendees about:
    • Acceptability of the sermon
    • Acceptability of sermon-giver
    • Identify survey themes

Take Home Points:

  • 235 participants from two Chicago-area mosques completed surveys
    • 72% of participants strongly agreed with the statement: "[I] found the content of the sermon acceptable."
    • 61% of participants strongly agreed that the content of the sermon was relatable to them.
    • 67% strongly agreed that they "would like to see more sermons about health topics in [their] community."
    • The average participant score was 70% correct in regards to content.
    • 85% of participants indicated that they were either very likely or likely to "discuss messages or ideas heard in the sermon with [their] family members."