Program on Medicine and Religion

Graduate Teaching Fellowship in Religion, Ethics, and the Medical Sciences

Due to the generous support of the Templeton Foundation and the Hyde Park Institute, this year we are offering Graduate Teaching Fellowships in Religion, Ethics and the Medical Sciences (REMS) at the University of Chicago with a start date of Oct 1st 2020. REMS Teaching Fellows help advance the educational initiatives and scholarship of the Project on the Good Physician (a national longitudinal study of the moral development and professional identity formation of physicians-in-training). The overall aim of the program is to foster a learning community that leads to measurable educational outcomes in moral and professional identity formation. REMS Teaching Fellows will also explore effective teaching and programmatic practices with students of medicine or religious studies, chaplain/resident trainees, practicing physicians, and clergy/campus ministers in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. 

The REMS Teaching Fellows would receive guidance and support from multiple mentors on teaching, educational research, program design/delivery, and ongoing professional development through a collaboration with the Center for Health and Social Science (CHeSS) at the University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine, and the Hyde Park Institute. This position is meant for PhD candidates at the University of Chicago who will be graduating with a degree in religious ethics or theology, and a demonstrated interest in the intersection of religion, ethics and the medical sciences. Candidates with previous teaching experience, administrative skills, and scholarship in religion, ethics and medical science will be preferred. 

REMS Teaching Fellows are expected to be fully in residence and on campus during the three quarters of the academic year, and will participate in a program of professional development under the joint supervision of the Center for Health and Social Sciences (CHeSS) and the primary faculty supervisor, Dr. John Yoon.

2020 – 2021 REMS Teaching Fellows

Daniel Kim, PhD Candidate in Religious Ethics, The University of Chicago Divinity School

Caroline Anglim, PhD Candidate in Religious Ethics, The University of Chicago Divinity School