Program on Medicine and Religion

2020 - 2021 Seminar Series

2020-2021 Seminar Series
Topic: Where is God In a Pandemic?
Religion, Ethics and Medicine in an Age of Uncertainty

After a year of enormous social upheaval in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Program on Medicine and Religion will create a space for scholarship, reflection, and (virtual) community discussion about the new and changing context of religion and ethics in health care. We will hear from leaders of religious communities, research scholars, and members of the medical community who are invested in understanding what patients and their families need, what insights their traditions or communities can offer, and what post-pandemic futures they imagine for the place of spirituality in medical care.


January 22, 2021
“Living, Dying and Doctoring in an Age of COVID”
Dr. Lydia Dugdale, MD, MAR
University of Chicago

February 12, 2021
“Duty and Justice in Jewish Bioethics”
Dr. Laurie Zoloth, PhD, RN
University of Chicago

March 4, 2021
“Without the Camps: Leprosy and Public Health Debates in 19th Century America”
Dr. Mark Lambert, PhD (c)
University of Chicago

April 23, 2021
“Spiritual Care During a Pandemic”
Rev. Polly Toner, MDiv
University of Chicago

May 14, 2021
“The Aliveness of Life: Considering ‘Glory’ in a Pandemic World”
Dr. Kristine Culp, PhD, MDiv
University of Chicago