Program on Medicine and Religion

UNESCO Workshop

The Program on Medicine and Religion is co-sponsoring the 8th UNESCO Workshop on Bioethics, Multiculturalism, and Religion.

The mission of the Bioethics, Multiculturalism, and Religion Project is to provide a forum in which representatives of diverse religions and traditions can:

  • engage one another in a sustained scholarly dialogue about global bioethics;
  • cultivate an amicable atmosphere so participants can learn about each other’s tradition or religion with discursive empathy;
  • promote mutual understanding of global bioethics through respectful discussion and scholarship;
  • strive to develop the linguistic and conceptual space in which common ground or convergence can emerge and be mutually recognized and appreciated; and finally
  • foster creative cooperation while respecting the dignity and uniqueness of each tradition.

The 2021 topic is “Protecting the environment, the biosphere and biodiversity” (Nov 8-10, 2021) in Bangkok, Thailand. The Program on Medicine and Religion will be co-sponsoring Dr. David Barr’s to participate as a PMR Affiliate Scholar for this Workshop.